10 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

10 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

Summer is the best time of year, but like anything, it has its downsides – like those stifling heat waves. As the temperature rises, it can start to feel stuffy, sticky and downright uncomfortable. But we’re here to help you beat the heat. Here are a few tips to stay cool this summer so you can enjoy it to the max.

Plan Your Outfit for the Weather

During stifling hot days, what you wear can make a huge difference in your comfort level. Take a peek at the weather ahead of time and plan accordingly to stay cool and comfy. During really hot summer days, choose clothing that is loose and lightweight. The right fabrics also matter, so opt for something breathable like cotton or linen. Don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses too!

Create Your Own Backyard Splash Zone

You can create your own splash zone in the backyard. All you need is a hose, sprinkler and tarp to make a classic slip n slide. Even a kiddie-size pool can do the trick when you want to make the most out of the weekend while staying cool. Sometimes, it’s these simple things that can make any heat wave more bearable and even fun. Plus, it’s a great way to make some new memories with the family.

Plan Activities During Off-Peak Times

The hottest part of the day kicks in around noon and continues to surge until about 3 pm, typically. So whether you’re planning to head out for the day, enjoy a hike or bike along the trails, make sure you plan to do it during off-peak periods that are cooler. The early morning or late afternoon and evenings are always best for any outdoor activities, especially if you plan to exert yourself and get in some exercise. If for some reason you’re unable to change plans, try to scale down the intensity of your outdoor recreational activities.

Follow the Shade

Here in Canada, we can experience extreme temperatures that can be dangerous if you’re out lingering in the sun for too long. To avoid heatstroke, seek out shady areas. If you’re heading to the beach or park for the day, don’t forget to bring along an umbrella or some source of shade that can protect you from the glaring sun.
Head to a Local Splash Pad

Once COVID restrictions lift and we’re permitted to use park facilities again, embrace your local splash pad or pool. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than lounging by a pool or watching the kids play in the water during those blissful summer days.

Always Keep Sunscreen On You

Don’t forget the sunscreen! No matter where you are going, even if you’re stepping outside for a short amount of time, it’s enough time for you to get a sunburn. To protect your skin from the dangerous UV rays, always put sunscreen on before you go outside. Use an SPF of at least 30 and remember to reapply it every two hours or when recommended. Keep it in your bag so can have easy access to it.

Stay Hydrated

It can be easy enough to forget to stay hydrated and reach for water instead of an icy cold beverage. But considering how much we sweat during the hot summer heat, drinking enough water during the summertime is essential for our health and safety. We recommend carrying a reusable water bottle with you or storing one at home and one in your car so you can remember to drink up frequently throughout the day.

Eat Lighter Meals

What you eat can affect your body’s core temperature. So in the summer, try to switch to foods that are lighter, healthier and can actually help keep you cool. Some examples are veggies like cucumber, salads and fruits.

Plan Plenty of Breaks

The heat can zap our energy pretty quickly. When you feel drained and in need of a break, take it. Listen to what your body is telling you and find a shady spot out of the sun when your body needs it.

Take it Easy

The summertime is meant for relaxation and fun. If you have plans to work on home renos or in the garden, just remember to take it easy and avoid over-exerting yourself. Do a little bit of work at a time and then relax and allow yourself to enjoy the rest of the day. After our long winter season, you deserve to embrace the summer and make the most out of it!

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