11 Ways to Spend March Break in Your Valecraft Community

11 Ways to Spend March Break in Your Valecraft Community

Not sure what to do with the kids this March Break? Even though it’s been pushed to April 12 – 16 in Ontario, don’t let COVID-19 ruin the fun. You can still have amazing and memorable experiences at home and around your neighbourhood. To help you plan out the week, here are a few fun ways to spend March Break in your Valecraft community this year.

Go For a Winter Hike

Even with COVID placing limitations on what you can do, you can still get outside to have some fun with the family once restrictions have lifted. Get the kids all bundled up, bring along some hot chocolate in a flask and head out for a picturesque winter hike in your community. There are many trails that you can take to enjoy the serene winter landscape around you. Just make sure to maintain distance between others when out along the paths.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a relatively easy winter activity that the whole family can do together. You don’t need to be experienced to enjoy this either. Choose a suitable path, strap on the skis, and enjoy a little outdoor fun and exercise. There are many cross-country skiing routes close to Valecraft communities, including the Ottawa West Winter Trail near Wesley Clover Parks or Mer Bleue in the city’s east end.

Go Tobogganing

If skiing isn’t something that your family is really into, then consider tobogganing. No matter what your age is, it’s always a blast when get to fly down snowy hills on a sled. It’s a classic Canadian tradition that never gets old. Find a suitable tobogganing hill near your Valecraft home and get the kids excited for some wintery fun.

Arts and Crafts

Let your kids indulge and explore their creative side with a fun-filled day of arts and crafts. You can choose a variety of activities for them to do or ask what they prefer. Painting, sculpting with playdough, making paper mache, stencils, scrapbooks and collages are a few popular crafts that your kids might love. Let them get messy and see what they come up with!

Movie Marathon and Pillow Forts

When it’s cold and snowy outside, stay cozy and warm inside with a movie marathon. To make it more exciting, you can let the kids build their own pillow fort where they can camp out while they watch their favourite movies. Something as simple as this can be one of the best moments when you get to just relax, chill out and spend time together.

Baking and Decorating

Baking is an excellent way to teach your kids a few skills in the kitchen. It’s also fun and it encourages them to help out. Cookies and cupcakes are good choices to get the kids involved with since they are simple and of course, delicious. Arrange a few different decorations so they can create cupcake masterpieces before they chow down and enjoy them.

Build Snowmen

Some of the best memories we have as kids is playing out in the snow and building snowmen. That’s what the wintertime was all about! So get your kids in on the fun. When they’ve been cooped up for too long, get them out in the yard to build snowmen, create snow forts and snow angels. Remind them what it was like to be a kid before technology existed.

Treasure Hunt

Another fun way to spend March Break is with a treasure hunt. It’s the perfect activity to have indoors when you need to spice up the day with a little excitement. All you need is a few treats, some good hiding spots and a list of clues for where they are hidden. Then sit back and watch as the kids scatter to find their treasures first. You could even do this in the backyard if you have enough places to hide the candy or treats.

Board Games and Pizza Night

Nothing beats a board game and pizza night. Choose a family game that everyone loves, or ask each member of your family to select one for a marathon of games. You can have a pizza making party too where the kids can add their own toppings to their individual pizzas or order from your favourite pizza place to support local. For residents of Valecraft Homes’ Rathwell Landing in Stittsville, JoJo’s Pizza is a must. If you live in Woodroffe Lofts, you have to give Fiazza at Barrhaven Centre a try.

Have the Kids Put on a Play

You can create some incredible memories during March Break with the whole family at home. One fun way to capture the moment is to encourage the kids to put on a play. Set up a makeshift stage area, give them some costumes to dress up with and roll the camera so you can capture the fun and have hilarious memories to look back on.

Ask the Kids for Ideas

When you’re out of ideas, ask your kids what they feel like doing. You can offer up a few options and have them decide which activity they want to do for the day. Kids have wild imaginations and are full of creative ideas.

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