5 Trends We Noticed at the 2018 Toronto Interior Design Show

It’s the season of spring cleaning (well, once the bitter cold and snow subsides, anyway). With that in mind, perhaps you’ve been pondering how to make your home look even more beautiful and modern. Or, maybe you’ve been wondering what the latest home design trends are? Regardless, we’re pretty sure you’ll be interested to learn what we discovered at the 2018 Toronto Interior Design Show! Since returning from the event earlier this year, the Valecraft family has been mulling over the incredible new trends that seem to be making an entrance (or a comeback, in some cases). Here are the top five trends we noticed at IDS18, featuring everything including the kitchen sink.

Vibrant Colours Everywhere is so 2017

Were you one of those individuals who scoffed at the kaleidoscope of colours represented in home design trends the past year or two? Was your feng-shui frazzled at all of the noise? Well, we’ve got good news; those days seem to be numbered. Bright colours are being introduced rather sparingly in accessories now, with much darker and more sophisticated tones appearing to take over. Black accents in showers, bathtubs, cabinetry, countertops, and walls are trending this year, as are darker and more detailed kitchens (begone, white-on-white flat cabinetry). Faucets are more curved, finished in colours such as black, gold, and bronze. Collectively, this design approach lends a more refined and less in-your-face elegance to any home, which is surely pleasing on those days when you want to unwind with a good book and a cup of tea, entering a Zen-like state. By the way, our standout pick of all things kitchen-related has to be the Blanco farm sink, which is now available in a stunning matte finish.

Conveniences Abound

As the years go on, we seem to be looking for even more ways to innovate upon home designs (as we should), with the aim of making living in them more streamlined and convenient. IDS2018 confirms that this trend isn’t going anywhere, with the presence of many tweaks to improve kitchen usability and efficiency (not to mention improved aesthetics). Oversized drawers are the latest “in” thing, without hardware and without hassle. We also noticed a heavy presence of built-in appliances for a cleaner, more modern look. And speaking of conveniences, guess what’s coming back; it’s none other than the medicine cabinet, but this time with style! We’ve noticed many of them sunken into the wall, complete with inset mirror panels and glass.

Satin, Satin, Everywhere

An interesting trend that’s made itself known at IDS2018 is the presence of satin in many surfaces and appliances. Specifically, we spotted more than a few instances where satin finishes were applied to faucets and quartz countertops. In fact, much of the quartz onsite was treated with veining and a suede/satin finish. We love using quartz in the designs of Valecraft homes so needless to say, we’re making more than a few notes.

Industrial Revolution

A trend that’s been emerging in recent years is the harmonizing of contemporary elements with those that are more industrial and rustic, and this year seems to be a further push in that direction. For example, we noticed plenty of instances when black or white quartz mingled quite nicely with textured wood, which created a luxurious and future-facing finish that we fell in love with right away. It really is a gorgeous style, not to mention the fact that industrializing home designs can lend an air of nostalgia and appreciation for old-world charm (of which there is plenty that deserves to be explored). We can’t wait to see what happens, should the trend continue to evolve and gain traction!

A Softer, Subtler Approach

The final major trend we’ve noticed at IDS2018 is the enhanced gentility when it comes to finishes and edges. Specifically, there was an emphasis placed on softer, sometimes rounded edges in accessories and furniture, creating a less harsh and more welcoming atmosphere. We also spotted the presence of horizontal niches for sinks and around bathtubs. In addition, the team noticed that backsplashes are receiving a major shift away from small tiles – in fact, we saw no backsplashes using them. Now, the trend of subtlety has resulted in large, continuing backsplashes constructed of a single piece of material – usually quartz.

Home design is all subjective, and it is important that every Valecraft property feels as inviting and is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Our discoveries at IDS2018 opened the team’s eyes to a wealth of incredible new possibilities, and we look forward to introducing them in due course. After all, home is where the heart is, and rest assured, the Valecraft family likes to put our big hearts into every project. So, expect continued innovation and exciting surprises!

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