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5 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer in Your Valecraft Home

Our Ottawa home builders here at Valecraft love the holiday season. No, really – we love it, going all-out with the decorations, putting on the Christmas music and bedazzling our trees. This is a wonderful time of year for bringing family and friends closer together – and that’s not something you can buy at a store! That said, perhaps you’re unsure how to spread that holiday cheer. If you’ve recently moved into a new neighbourhood such as in one of our homes for sale in Russell’s Place St. Thomas, it’s likely that you don’t know the locals yet and are getting used to your new surroundings. What better way to do that than to make festive memories with your friends, family and neighbours?

Today, let’s go over some fun-filled ways to make it happen in your beautiful Valecraft home. Whether you own one of our Ottawa condos, are interested in our Stittsville bungalows for sale or otherwise, we’re sure there are some great options here for you!

Adopt Some Often-Overlooked Traditions

Mistletoe hanging in the hallway. Caroling door-to-door (and yes, many folks still do this). Decorating gingerbread houses with the kids – and sneaking “samples” of frosting. The choices are endless when it comes to adopting traditions for your holiday celebrations! There are many iconic aspects of the holiday season that are overlooked for shiny gifts and pretty lights, so do them some justice by implementing them in your festive plans. Whether your household consists of a single go-getter, senior downsizers or a growing young family, there are plenty of such ways to make the spirit of the holidays come alive.

Classic Christmas Movies

Many folks love to put on Ruldolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to hear those timeless songs (“Silver and Gold” and “There’s Always Tomorrow” are our favourites). Or, perhaps your teenaged kids are obsessed with Elf and know every single line. Regardless, throwing on a classic Christmas movie or three during the holiday season is a great way to get into the festive mood. Plus, it gives your household some time to relax together while the weather outside is frightful! Plus, if you own a Valecraft home with a gas fireplace such as one of our select homes for sale in Russell, watching fireside with a hot chocolate will be oh-so-delightful.

Stockings Hung with Care

Speaking of fireplaces, if you have one, why not hang some stockings above the mantle with care for the kids (and maybe Fido too)? This can be a cost-effective alternative to a tree stuffed with presents if you’re obsessed with giving gifts but have a tighter budget. You could even make your own stockings if you’re handy with a sewing machine or love to knit, lending a more homey and loving touch to your holiday décor. If you don’t have a fireplace or aren’t comfortable with putting your stockings near one, staircase railings or a tasteful spot on the wall also works nicely!

It’s Party Time!

Holiday season parties are the best way to have fun, get in a good mood and get to know new faces. Many Valecraft homeowners who are new to their community love them as a chance to meet the neighbours and feel even more at home! Put out the drinks, set up a great music playlist, and get ready to mingle and compare ugly Christmas sweaters – it’s a fantastic way to unwind and spread holiday cheer. Plus, if you’re really creative, you can plan party games and even give away prizes. A favourite of ours is Candy Cane Pickup, where everyone takes turns competing against one another to put as many candy canes into a bowl as possible, using only the hook of a single candy cane held in their mouth. It’s a hilarious, highly competitive game and a great icebreaker!

The Big Feast

The most iconic holiday tradition of all is to throw a massive feast for family and friends. If you’re careful with your budget and plan accordingly so there’s not much food wastage, you’re sure to create a magical experience at a decent price! With our Stittsville bungalows for sale and available Ottawa condos offering plenty of space thanks to open-concept designs, you can enjoy a sprawling, delicious Christmas Day dinner with plenty of room for family, friends and maybe even a few neighbours!

Our Ottawa home builders at Valecraft are excited to spend the holidays with loved ones and good friends, and we can’t wait to implement some of these ways to spread the cheer ourselves! Whether you call one of our Ottawa condos home or have purchased one of our homes for sale in Russell, our entire family wishes yours a happy holiday season and the very best for the new year! We can’t wait to see what 2020 and beyond offers.

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