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6 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

It’s funny how we long for the heat during the winter, but then some of us miss the cold when the humidex is soaring. However, summer is all about comfort, unwinding, and making the most of the great weather whenever possible. So, what are some ways to stay cool? With Valecraft single homes, new townhomes, Ottawa condos and other properties providing absolute comfort in convenience-rich locations, it’s never been easier. Let’s dive in!

Freshen Up Your Diet – Literally!

Eating healthier is something we all strive to do at one point or another. By living in Valecraft communities such as Place St. Thomas in Embrun, you have easy access to fresh local produce at some really great prices. Cucumbers, crisp apples, and veggies aplenty can help to keep your core temperature down – perfect if you want to also enjoy the many recreational activities and trails in the area. Whether you’re all about fitness or just want to stay cool as much as possible while enjoying the great outdoors, don’t forget that mother nature and local farmers are here to help.

A Run – or Three – Through the Sprinkler

Properties like our ever-popular bungalows feature lovely surrounding landscaping – and room for some frolicking with the family with a sprinkler set up. Plop one down and run through, and you’ve got a quick and easy way to cool off outdoors without having to travel anywhere. It’s a great way to unwind and shake off any tension from a day at the office – if you can wrangle a chance for a turn from the kids or visiting grandpa, that is.

Choose ENERGY STAR to Become a Household Superstar 

As respected home builders in Ottawa familiar with how hot the summers can get, we at Valecraft take keeping our customers comfortable very seriously. Speaking of which, have you heard about our ENERGY STAR efficient homes? These are properties that are more energy-efficient and economical to cool during the summer. For instance, Valecraft incorporates Zone 2 window insulation in new townhomes, and Zone 3 fenestration is used in our Ottawa condos. We also install airtight electrical boxes and light outlets in addition to the best insulation around to ensure minimal air leakage. Along with sealed supply and return ductwork, you can freely crank that thermostat during a heatwave without a cause for concern! Become the favourite of your household by keeping summer humidity and heat at bay.

Pools and Splash Pads

Can you think of a more popular summer pastime than diving into a freshwater pool or taking the kids to play at a local splash pad? The National Capital Region has you covered with plenty of spots to soak and cool off, including the Yahoo Park splash pad and Calypso Water Park in Embrun or Sawmill Creek Pool near Deerfield Village. With easy access via car, on foot or OC Transpo services, it’s never been more convenient or quick to enjoy these and many other amenities from your Valecraft home.

Take Breaks from the Heat: Explore the Great Indoors

As wonderful as summer sunshine is, it’s important that you get some shade and enjoy the great indoors now and then. Ottawa is absolutely rich with these kinds of activities, from sprawling museums and art galleries to indoor sports and massive shopping malls. Play a game of soccer with the kids at the Russell Sports Dome, sample the deliciously irresistible offerings of the St. Albert Cheese Co-op, or head into downtown Ottawa and enjoy some retail therapy along Bank Street. The choice is yours – and goodness, what choices you have!

Ice Cream!

Ottawa is known for the world’s longest skating rink, wintertime festivals and beautiful snowy scenery, but what about during the summertime? There’s trail hiking, water park fun, festivals aplenty (too many to count, in fact), and one more seriously important element of everyday life here: ice cream. This city takes the frozen treat pretty seriously! In fact, there are so many competing businesses hungry to serve you a one-of-a-kind scoop that you’ll never run out of new flavours to try. From waffle bowls to swirling extra-tall cones to kooky creations made with fresh local herbs, the ice cream in the region from local vendors is some of the best and most varied you’ll find in Ontario.

Canada’s Capital is a lovely place to be during the summer, especially if you know how to beat the heat. Whether you want to stay active, stick to a healthy diet or strike the perfect balance between indoors and out, we hope these tips help you find the perfect way to chill and unwind in comfort. By calling a property home in a Valecraft community, you also benefit from easy access to local amenities, shops, recreational activities, and more. Contact us today for further details, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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