What if there are issues or concerns with my home after I move in?

As new homes settle into their foundation, it’s normal for certain issues to arise, such as floors cracking or baseboards and trim separating from the walls. If you notice anything that needs repair, we’re happy to help.  All you need to do is contact the Customer Service department at service@valecraft.com.

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What will my address be?

The City of Ottawa notifies us of the assigned address for each Valecraft home. Unfortunately, addresses aren’t always available at the time of sale. Your Valecraft representative will confirm your address with the city as soon as we’ve collected the building permit and have begun construction on your home.

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Why are the deadlines for upgrade selections so important?

Valecraft schedules the construction of your home before starting construction, so it’s important that we finalize your upgrades in time to order the necessary materials, and so that we can create a realistic time-frame. We require that you adhere to the deadlines to ensure that we can include all the upgrades you’d like. We want to…

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What are standard features?

Standard features are automatically included in your home, including ceramic floors, trim, railings, etc. Your standard features are clearly identified in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

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