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Boo! Here’s Our Ultimate Trick-or-Treating Guide

Fall in Canada’s Capital is an exciting time. With so many new home developments in Ottawa such as those in our Valecraft communities of Place St. Thomas in Embrun, Rathwell Landing in Stittsville, and Deerfield Village in the South end, it’s never been easier to explore the neighbourhood and enjoy all the comforts of home. Speaking of which, it’s nearly trick-or-treating time and we’re sure your kids are anxious to load up their pillowcases with goodies – at least, that’s how the pros do it, since there’s way more space for candy!

With Halloween edging closer, dear parents, it’s time to brush up on the essentials. Here’s our ultimate trick-or-treating guide.

Strategic Planning

Scoring the best haul means being strategic about which route your kids will take. For example, if you live in one of our new homes in Ottawa West, strolling around the suburbs of Stittsville and finishing up back home in Rathwell Landing can mean double the potential for a big batch of sweets! Avoid areas where not many people actually live and stick to communities with new home developments in Ottawa whenever possible – you’ll find that folks are more excited and willing to decorate their homes and give out goodies.

Smart Costume Design

Dreams of candy hauls aside, let’s get serious about costume safety. The best way for you and your kids to enjoy the Spooktacular festivities is to design costumes that don’t include trip hazards such as overly long capes or floppy shoes. You should also consider reflective material that will be more visible in vehicle headlights when possible – just be sure to do so in moderation as your child may not want to resemble a disco ball. In that sense, your kids should get the final say in what they get to dress up as – it’s their night after all! All you need to do is make sure their costumes are safe to wear.

Also, try to incorporate lightweight, breathable materials into costume designs so your kids can make the most of the evening. We highly recommend makeup as an alternative; just look at the beautifully detailed skeletal senorita above to get an idea of what’s possible! After all, nobody wants to be disappointed after getting tired out once they’ve only covered a few blocks of houses. Your kids will have a more fun time and you’ll be less worried about their wellness. Consider that a win-win.

Staying Hydrated and Energized

Running around all evening in costume carrying heavy bags of treats can be tiring for anyone, so be sure to act as refreshment master and keep everyone fuelled up – just be warned that they won’t want to stop for long! Our suggestions: Granola bars, quick-access fruit like bananas, water and juice should help in that area. Don’t bother bringing along treats like muffins or whatnot, as your kids will be diving into candy mountain once they’re home anyway. Get the healthy stuff in them now while you can!

Bring the Dog Along for Extra Fun!

Have a pooch who is well-behaved and gets along well with others? Don’t leave Fido sitting at home waiting for you to come back – have some fun with the kids and dress him up in style! That way, everyone gets to enjoy the evening. This is great if you have a dog that doesn’t do well alone, plus, they can tag along with the family to help keep your kids safe.

Stick Together

While roving monsters in search of your candy are less of a threat than you might think, it’s definitely important to keep the group together. There are going to be a lot of oddly dressed folks out and about, so keeping tabs on who is who can be a real challenge. Don’t let any of the kids dash three blocks ahead and get lost. Even if you’re simply exploring your home community, the layout can feel different to them at night and you don’t want them to get lost. A great idea is to bring along walkie-talkies or if your kids are responsible enough to use a cell phone, loan them an old one that gets the job done, just to be safe.

Candy Inspection Time

Okay, so most parents know this struggle, including those amongst our own Ottawa home builders. Simply put, you must stop your kids from digging right into the haul they bring home, for safety’s sake! There are only a few precious seconds when you can pull this off – right after the candy is dumped on the living room floor and before they pick up the first piece. It’s torture for them to have their goodies policed and the wait can be a real challenge for little ones, but it’s worth it. Carefully inspect every piece for strange, small and difficult-to-spot holes in the wrappers and other signs of tampering. After unwrapping, make sure you and your kids check the piece of candy again for any oddities. In 99 percent of circumstances, you won’t find anything, but it’s always best to be proactive about that one percent otherwise.

Make it a ghoulish night in the right ways by preparing your trick-or-treating well in advance! This way, you and your family can have a fun-filled experience. Halloween comes around only once a year, so be sure to make the most of it! Whether exploring our own new home developments or delving into surrounding suburbs, we wish all of you a spooktacular time and the best of luck in your search for sweets.

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