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Energy Star Certified Condos & Rearlane Townhomes

Valecraft builds energy star certified condos & townhomes for a healthier home, planet and you!

Valecraft Homes Ltd. is an Energy Star Certified builder dedicated to not only building the safest and healthiest homes but also to ensure that the environmental impact of constructing those homes is kept to a minimum.

Our Aviation Private homes include a number of energy efficient features that help ensure the safety and health of your family and also to reduce household energy costs. Some of these features include Low E Argon windows, high-quality insulation (including in the basement), low flow toilets, high-efficiency hot water heaters and much, much more.

Valecraft Homes is also concerned with reducing its own environmental impact and has taken steps to ensure that this goal is maintained and exceeded. We are proud to purchase many of our building materials from local sources, thus reducing transportation impacts on the environment.  The engineered hardwood flooring are made from a renewal harvesting forest.  The eco-friendly finishes like the hardwood flooring titanium finish have no VOC’s solvents and formaldehyde keeping your family safe and healthy.

All of the stains applied to cabinetry, railings and even the grout are water-based, which means cleaner indoor air. All toilets and faucets are low-flow (water saving) fixtures to help increase your home’s efficiency and save money, while still enjoying maximum performance.

Take a look at our condos and rearlane townhomes offered at Aviation Private, conveniently located 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa.



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*See sales representative for details. Prices, terms and specifications are subject to change without notice. The Energy Star® mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada. The above video is to display the benefits. Used with permission. E & O.E.