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ENERGY STAR is the international symbol of energy efficiency. As a standard, our Deerfield Village 2 townhomes and condo flats are Energy Star Certified.  Our Rathwell Landing and Place St. Thomas homes come complete with the option to be built according to the same environmentally-friendly standards. These upgrades include the following, but please note the list may change without notice.

Heating and ventilation

  • High-efficiency gas furnace with a 96% annual fuel utilization (AFUE) (townhome)
  • Heat recovery ventilation system interconnected to furnace ductwork (HRV) 75% SRE
  • All supply and return ductwork is sealed
  • Drain water heat recovery installed on plumbing stack
  • Hot water tank with an energy factor of TE 94% (townhome), and TRF 0.92 (condo) (rental)
  • Direct-vented with spark ignition gas fireplace

Windows and doors

  • Zone 2 (townhome), zone 3 (condo) ENERGY STAR® fenestration
  • Insulated steel entry doors, where applicable as per plan


  • R-60 Ceiling attic blown insulation
  • R-31 Ceiling batt insulation for all cathedral or sloped ceilings
  • R-20 Exterior wall batt insulation, plus exterior R5 – EPS/OSB
  • R-20 Insulation for basement exterior frost walls (insulation terminates 8 inches above concrete slab) R20 + R10ci
  • R-31 Fiberglass batt insulation at all exposed floors
  • Air leakage testing, using a blower door test to ensure ENERGY STAR® are met or exceeded ≥ 2.5 ACH


  • Minimum of 400 kWh/year (75% of home to have LED lighting installed) (townhome), 100% LED (condo)
  • Airtight electrical boxes in all exterior walls
  • Airtight light outlets and pot lighting in all exterior ceilings where applicable

Home inspection

Every Valecraft ENERGY STAR® home is inspected and thoroughly tested by a third-party Professional Energy Inspector. The ENERGY STAR® label will be affixed to the home as assurance that it is compliant with the guidelines and requirements of the program. Each certified home will also receive an ENERGYGUIDE® label showing the estimated energy consumption of the home.