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From Campers to Fun-Seekers: Why Deerfield Village 2 is so Appealing

We here at Valecraft love a good story, whether it’s watching a movie with the kids, reading a page-turner fireside, or catching up with friends and family around the table. This time, we’ve got something special to share with you, and there’s no other way to put it – we found someone camping out in front of our office!

Deeply passionate about securing their ideal townhome in our Deerfield Village 2 community, this dedicated man – whom we’ll refer to as “Mr. Camper” for privacy’s sake – and his family was ecstatic to reserve their dream home. We recently interviewed him and are excited to share his story with you today, as well as details on what makes Deerfield Village 2 so unique!

One Happy Camper

Mr. Camper came prepared with a mission: to purchase his dream home, perfect for his family to begin a new chapter in.

“We had our eye on a certain townhome with a lot of natural light and a really roomy layout,” he said during our interview. “Plus, it was at a good price, and there was just no way we could miss out.”

And miss out he didn’t! Camping for several nights in a tent set up in front of our office, Mr. Camper and his wife waited patiently for the opportunity to purchase the townhome bungalow they couldn’t go without.

“We wanted to have the first pick because we knew exactly what we wanted – we were already thinking about what the rooms would be decorated like, and we loved the view with so many beautiful trees in the distance,” he continued. “You just can’t find something this nice in the city very easily. People buy the best ones quickly, and we notice the Valecraft ones go fast, so we wanted to make sure we were first in line – except there wasn’t even a line, we were so early!”

One thing that really touched our hearts was how considerate and supportive our team was towards this eager family. We make it a point to treat everyone who visits like good friends, so Mr. Camper and company ended up having a great first-hand experience.

“They were so nice. So friendly. It was amazing,” Mr. Camper explains. “They brought us water, talked to us often, and were very welcoming. They even let us in to use their bathroom and made sure we were kept safe at all times – we were literally treated like family.”

We were worried that these future Valecraft homeowners would find their impromptu camping trip uncomfortable and stressful, but after talking to them further about their experience, it seems to have been quite the opposite. Even the wildlife was pretty tame!

“We made the most of it and were very comfortable – we came prepared with food, drinks, and a tent with supplies, plus it was our choice anyway,” Mr. Camper continued. “The way Valecraft treated us made it a special experience that we’ll remember. Other than the mosquitoes, we have no complaints!”

At the end of our chat with the family, we asked what it was about our homes that they valued so much, and the answer was surprising.

“Really, it’s everything,” Mr. Camper said. “The modern floors, the luxury in the detailing, the sizes of the rooms, and the really great location were what helped us decide to move here. Everything about our experience has been very nice so far, and we’re really excited.”

As we said our farewells, there was one last comment that left us smiling.

We feel home.

A Great Place to Start a New Chapter

Our latest community development, Deerfield Village 2 is designed for convenience, comfort, and sophisticated modern luxury in an easily accessible location. Open now and available for occupancy starting in 2019, it consists of multiple condo flats that are spacious, inviting, and do away with corridors to give homeowners even more room.

No Shortage of Outdoor Retreats

Right next door is where you’ll find Fawn Meadow Park, a sprawling piece of greenery complete with a kids’ splash area, sandpit, playground, and benches aplenty. Beautifully maintained throughout the year, this park offers the perfect retreat from city life in a quiet, friendly area easily accessible by car or OC Transpo. Not far away is the Greensboro Park and Community Centre for the perfect afternoon of activities such as sports and special community events.

Other Things to Do

As mentioned in a previous blog, Welcome to the Neighbourhood: Deerfield Village 2, there’s no shortage of experiences to be had for fun-seekers and families of all kinds! From great deals and convenience at Southgate Shopping Centre to eight-pin glory at Walkley Bowling Centre, there’s always something new to discover. Regardless of whether you’re a small family or young downsizers looking for a friendly community, Deerfield Village 2 won’t let you down.

For more information on Valecraft communities or to inquire about Deerfield Village 2, contact us today! We’d love to discuss making your dream home come to life.

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