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Getting a Dog? Welcome These 6 Breeds Into Your Valecraft Home!

Have you moved into one of our new homes in Ottawa South at Deerfield Village and want a dog? Or, are you looking at our Stittsville bungalows for sale or Ottawa condos, but want to plan ahead to make room for a puppy? The Valecraft team consists of several dog-lovers, and many of us adore having our own furry four-legged friends. That said, it can be difficult to figure out which kind of pooch is best for your living arrangements. No two breeds have the same behavioural traits or specific lifestyle needs. Whether you’d like a dog that can comfortably enjoy having the house to himself while you’re at the office or someone new to play with the kids, we’ve got a great list for you. Consider any of these dog breeds as an ideal fit for your local Valecraft community!


Now who doesn’t love that squishy, wrinkly face and cheerful disposition? Pugs make wonderful first-time dogs, especially in pairs where they can keep one another entertained endlessly. Known as the clowns of the dog world, their endearing sense of humour and friendliness are sure to warm your heart. They’re also generally pretty calm and quiet, requiring only a bit of exercise each day. They’re perfect for commuters who would love a dog to hang out during the evenings after a long day at work!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These little fellas absolutely love to follow their owners around and play. They’re very friendly and some are known to be used for therapeutic purposes due to their calm demeanour. They enjoy a good hike, run or long walk as well – the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy all there is to see and do around town! They also come in a wide range of beautiful colours, though the classic white with tufts of golden-orange-brown is the most common.

French Bulldog

Not all bulldogs are drooling, hulking creatures! The French variant has a refined, sophisticated appearance that has made it popular with established families – one even sailed in first class on the RMS Titanic, in fact. That aside, they are lovable little goofs who enjoy being around their owners. Excellent for novice owners due to their affectionate nature, easy trainability and adaptability to apartment living, they make a great first dog for many. We’d recommend this little guy if there’s going to be someone who can be with him during the day.

Poodle / Miniature Poodle

You just can’t go wrong with a poodle. These lovable dogs come in all sizes and colours, meaning there’s one out there for owners of everything from Ottawa condos to those choosing one of our homes for sale in Russell township. These are extremely intelligent dogs who love to learn new things, so they respond well to training. If you’re serious about owning a pooch and want to help yours become a good neighbour, this is a breed you should consider on your shortlist.

Golden Retriever

Ideal for environments such as our single homes for sale, golden retrievers are literally walking snuggle pillows. Your kids will love lounging around with them and they make great Netflix-and-chill buddies! They also love to get out and explore and need a fair bit of exercise, so be sure to take yours on some much-deserved walks. They’re also easy to train, which is a good thing as they can be troublesome if you’re not responsible for them. That said, if you care about their wellbeing and behaviour, you’ll have nothing to worry about by getting one.


Are you looking for a dog that keeps you active and healthy? Absolutely nothing compares to the adorable, sweet-as-can-be nature of a whippet. If you have the time, dedication and don’t have to leave them alone all day (separation anxiety is their only shortcoming), they can work well as a first-time dog. You need to be prepared for plenty of training and positive reinforcement – treat-based behavioural training is essential to help keep them under control – but doing so will form an ultra-strong bond that will never break. Plus, in the colder months, you can deck them out in sweaters aplenty as they’ll get chilly with their ultra-short coat! These are endearing, loving animals that will warm your heart.

Valecraft communities offer exceptional perks for dog owners. For instance, the popular Conroy Pit is located near our Deerfield Village community, which is currently undergoing an expansion for new Ottawa condos! Alternatively, living at Place St. Thomas in Embrun offers easy access to hiking trails, Parc Canin for meeting other dogs and their owners, riverside walks aplenty, and the charming countryside way of life associated with the Russell area. These areas are also home to a wide range of convenient shops and amenities catered towards pet owners including Embrun Veterinary Hospital, Village Paws in Russell, the Pampered Pet at Towngate Shopping Plaza for all your grooming needs, and much more.

In the end, what’s the only hard part of having a dog in a Valecraft community? Deciding which one you’ll welcome home!

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