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We Made a Really Cool Impression at the Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival!

Every year, teams of passionate organizations and businesses take to the ice in magnificent skate-mounted dragon boats for a day of friendly competition, excitement, and local pride (it’s also a good bit of fun, too). Yes, the Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival has become known as one of the most unique and cool outdoor events of wintertime Ottawa – literally! Gliding across the ice, teams partake in races, not for glory or awards, but to encourage community support and involvement. The 2018 Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival was attended and participated in by dedicated members of the Valecraft Ottawa home builder family, and we had a wintry, wonderful time helping to make a difference for residents!  There was one hundred teams of hardcore ice dragon boaters and half of them from out of town.

We came in 1st in this years’ Shiver & Giver Fundraising race – a race for competing teams that fundraise the highest amounts – which we won! We were also the second-highest fundraiser, which easily warmed our hearts out on the ice. For the mixed race against some fierce competition we came in 11th, and we’re proud to have been back after our first-place victory last year!

A Great Reason to Get Out on the Ice

Some who are unfamiliar with the festival tend to ask us, “what do you get out of it?” and, honestly, it’s the easiest question we could ever answer. When we’re not building Stittsville townhomes and singles, meeting with prospective homeowners, or designing the next innovation in Ottawa home design, our team is looking for ways to give back to local communities. Our aim as an Ottawa home builder is to help enrich lives, and therefore, all our team needs to do is look into the eyes of local residents in need of community support to feel the drive to hit the ice, hammer the drums, and push onwards towards victory. That victory, for us, comes in the form of giving back to local communities by raising funds for those who need them most. The excitement of local youth and adults alike at the prospect of a bit of friendly competition – bringing communities together for a day – is another aspect of the festival that calls us back every year. For the Valecraft team, it is about being the change we wish to see in society, rather than simply waiting for it.

Racing is Only Part of It

The Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival first began in early 2017 as a spinoff of the incredibly popular summer watersports event (known simply as the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival). Using ice-sticks to propel carefully-designed dragon boats outfitted with long-bladed skates across Dow’s Lake and the Rideau Canal, teams participate in races for not only the best times but for a chance to capture the hearts and imagination of festival-goers. Yes, that means there’s a proper festival set up around the races as well; everything from wintry activities for all ages and games to live music performances as well as hot food and drink can be found on the festival grounds alongside Dow’s Lake. This is a great way for local communities to get together, get to know one another, and have a fun day out!

Bonds Strengthened by Generosity

The 2018 Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival functions as a fantastic way for many life-changing organizations to secure public attention as well as donations from generous individuals. The Youth Services Bureau, Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation and the Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation Community Fund help to build, strengthen, and enhance life in local communities, and we at Valecraft are proud to help raise awareness of the need to support local residents and youth. In fact, it pushes us to give it our all out on the ice, which we did this year to cheers and support from spectators and festival-goers! Races such as the Shiver & Giver Fundraising drive are proof of Ottawa’s commitment to work with one another to better local communities – as well as Valecraft’s determination to make a difference.

Our Philosophy on Display

The bonds formed by contributing towards the shared cause of these organizations inspire us to do more. In fact, an ongoing tradition and staple of our company is to regularly contribute towards helping local communities flourish, expand, and have their needs met with efficiency and absolute care. Being a good neighbour entails genuinely caring about the well-being and contentment of those around you, with the willingness to reach out and lend a hand when it is needed rather than simply when asked. This is the philosophy behind everything we do as an Ottawa home builder, from building Stittsville townhomes and homes across Ottawa to hitting the ice to encourage community support. We believe that our team’s big hearts and ambition to support local communities influences everything we do, leaving a lasting impression while bettering the lives of those around us.

Regardless of whether we’re slicing across the ice on Dow’s Lake or building a new home, the entire team here at Valecraft is zeroing in on the same goal as many of Ottawa’s charitable organizations: community support and healthy lives. We love getting out there, interacting with residents and visitors alike, and doing our bit towards making Canada’s Capital the ideal place to live. For over 3 decades, we’ve contributed towards community initiatives and programs to make people smile and lend support, and we look forward to continuing to do so in the future! After all, the real prize is the renewed health and happiness of communities across the National Capital Region. Regardless of whether you live in one of our Stittsville townhomes or are dreaming of a brighter future, we want to help make a difference.

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