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Eco-Friendly Condos

Move into one of our unique Condo Flats today!

Condo Flats

Our Condo Flats have all new designs, beautiful decor in an ideal location. Modern conveniences abound, with enviable proximity to all amenities, spectacular trails, all of which are minutes from downtown Ottawa. Featuring 68 Energy Star Certified Condo Flats. Enjoy a lifestyle modelled on marvellous design, outstanding value, and a worry-free home-buying experience in Woodroffe Lofts.

Move in with more!

Our Energy Star Certified Condo Flats units comes with 6 Appliances, Large Private Maintenance Free Balcony (location unit specific), Master Bedroom features a private Ensuite Bathroom. Our flats also come standard with Hardwood flooring throughout Great Room & Hallway, Ceramic Tile flooring throughout Kitchen & Breakfast, all Bathrooms & Mechanical Rooms.

And to top it off, they come with Free VIP Internet, Cable and Phone Package for 12 months, Central Air Conditioning, 1 parking spot and a Special Bonus!

What makes our Condo Flats unique is that all interior finished products are Eco-Friendly.

    • Eco-Friendly Water Efficient Fixtures and Toilets

Will reduce your water consumption and lower water bills annually.

    • Eco-Friendly Drain Water Heat Recovery

A simple piece of equipment with no moving parts that saves you money on water heating costs by recovering the heat from hot water used in your home.

    • Eco-Friendly Low VOC2 Paints Sealants and Adhesives

For improved air quality and a healthier home.

    • Eco-Friendly CFL Lighting Throughout

CFLs last up to 10 times longer and consume less than one-quarter of the energy compare to their incandescence counterparts.

    • Eco-Friendly Green Label Carpet

Your carpet and underlay is selected to have the Green Label Plus certification to provide you with a healthier indoor environment.

    • Eco-Friendly Local Materials

Valecraft makes every effort to source locally made and harvested materials supporting the local economy and reducing transportation emissions.

    • Eco-Friendly Enhanced Air Tightness

Your home has been designed and built to limit air leakage. It is tested to verify that air tightness targets are achieved.

    • Eco-Friendly Heat Recovery Ventilator

The HRV delivers and circulates fresh, filtered outdoor air to your home for improved ventilation and living comfort.

    • Eco-Friendly EnergyStar® Exhaust Fans

These fans are tested to ensure they not only achieve high energy performance levels but, do so while emitting less noise.

    • Eco-Friendly Sealed Ductwork

Ductwork has been taped at joints to minimize air and pressure losses, ensuring the air you are paying to heat is reaching home.

    • Eco-Friendly EnergyStar® Qualified Noise Reducing Windows

High-performance low E windows not only help to keep your home a consistent temperature, but also help to reflect UV rays from entering your home reducing fading of finishes and furniture.

*See sales representative for details. Prices, terms and specifications are subject to change without notice. The Energy Star® mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada. Used with permission. E & O.E.

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Woodroffe Lofts

Woodroffe Lofts is another new Valecraft community to look forward to! It will be located in the Woodroffe Road and Fallowfield Road area. More details to come!