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Rewards program

At Valecraft, we believe in treating every customer like a good friend who is genuinely appreciated by our ever-growing family. We wanted to come up with a special way of thanking our customers, and this is where our Rewards Programs come in. Very much like when we meticulously create a beautiful new home, we’ve built this program from the ground up to benefit homeowners.

Take a look below at the program we currently have on offer!

Referral Reward Program

(Limited Time Offer)

Invite a friend or family member to join the Valecraft community, and you’ll each receive a $500 cheque.

At Valecraft Homes, we believe that strong communities are built by great people, and we love populating these communities with wonderful individuals such as yourself.

As a loyal Valecraft homeowner, you’ve found the surroundings that suit your lifestyle. Our Referral Reward Program now gives you the opportunity to create a community that truly feels like home.

We invite you to refer a friend or family member to us. If they agree to purchase a new Valecraft home, you’ll both receive a $500 cheque – just our way of saying thanks and welcome to the neighbourhood.

How it works:

To qualify for the Referral Rewards Program, your friend or family member must:

  • Register their intent to purchase a new Valecraft home.
  • Sign an agreement to purchase their new Valecraft home within 90 days of registering.

Referral Form

To apply for the Referral Rewards Program, fill in the form and have your friend or family member submit it to a Valecraft Homes Sales Consultant. Forms are available at any of our Sales Centres.

**Terms and conditions: We believe in sharing a great experience! When an existing Valecraft homeowner refers a new customer, each will receive a $500 cheque at the time of closing. One per household. 1.) To be eligible as a referrer, you must either currently or have previously owned a Valecraft home. You can refer a purchaser to any Valecraft Homes community. 2.) To be eligible, homeowners need to register their friend on their first visit to the sales centre. Proof of the homeowners’ residence must be presented at time of registration. 3.) If the purchaser has already registered with Valecraft Homes Ltd, the purchaser will not be eligible for a referral fee under this program. This includes early registration online for new sites. 4.) During this first visit, a guest registration card and referral program form must be filled out in its entirety. 5.) Following registration, the potential purchaser(s) must enter into an agreement of purchase and sale, and firm up, within 90 days of registration into this program. This agreement of purchase and sale must include the purchaser(s) name indicated on the registration form. 6.) Broker referrals do not apply in conjunction with the referral program. 7.) Homeowners will receive $500 upon the referrals’ closing. A cheque will be mailed to their home address provided upon closing. 8.) The gift of $500 is a flat rate, and taxes are not applicable. 9.) Valecraft Homes Ltd reserves the right to alter or cancel the referral program in whole or in part, and at any time, at their sole and absolute discretion. E & O.E.