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Common Terms

Common Terms

Valecraft Homes makes it easy for you to understand common terms in our industry such as Energy Star, APS, PDI, Tarion Warranty.


ENERGY STAR® is the international symbol of premium energy efficiency. An ENERGY STAR® qualified home is a home that has been built by a licensed ENERGY STAR® for New Homes builder, who incorporates energy efficient features into the home so that it can meet the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes technical specifications.

Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS)

The Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS), is the contract between the buyer and the builder for the construction of your home. It is important to have your APS reviewed by a qualified real estate lawyer and to make sure that anything that is agreed to verbally is reflected in the Agreement in writing.

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

The pre-delivery inspection (PDI) occurs one to two days before occupancy and involves the builder examining the interior and exterior of the home with the homeowner. The objective of this inspection is to create a written record of any items that are incomplete, damaged, missing or not working properly. Items requiring attention from the builder are listed on a PDI Form, which constitutes the official record of the home’s condition before occupancy.

Tarion Warranty Corporation

Tarion Warranty Corporation regulates Ontario’s new home building industry. Operating for more than 30 years, Tarion licenses all new home and condominium builders in the province and ensures that all new homeowners receive the warranty coverage they’re legally entitled to. For more information, visit the Tarion website.

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