10 Creative Ways to Style Your Home Library

Having a home library can be an incredible asset. It provides a place to relax, unwind, and learn. If you have kids, a home library can have a direct impact on their education too. But just because it’s a place of contemplation and study doesn’t mean it has to be stale and boring. Here are ten creative ways to style your home library so everyone in the family will love to use it.

Unique Bookshelf Designs

Want to create a unique home library that isn’t boring? Skip the standard bookshelves and go with something a little different. Geometric and balancing bookcases are on-trend, and combination shelves and storage units are also playful designs to consider. The sky’s the limit when creating fun bookshelf designs. There are plenty of sample ideas online that you can mimic and build yourself or take to a local furniture store to build for you instead.

Floor To Ceiling Shelving

If you’re really looking to spruce up your office, building floor-to-ceiling shelving units can give your home library a touch of elegance. If your collection isn’t quite big enough, you can fill in the empty spots with décor pieces, candles, and flowers.

Office Addition

Your library doesn’t need to be all about books. The focal point can be a desk that creates an office area, adding more functionality. To give it some real personality, think leather chairs, dark wood features, an accent rug, and a wall area to feature degrees or other accolades with books shelved throughout. A home office/library will create a wonderful place to get a little peace and quiet while you read or work.

Add A Splash Of Colour

Dark bookshelves create a cozy, warm, traditional feel but if you’re looking for a brighter scheme, add a splash of colour to the bookshelves. Blue, yellow and even a bold red can quickly transform the look and feel of any home library space.

Make It Green

Plants, flowers and even potted herbs can add some life to a dull library space. Adding a big leafy plant to an empty corner or filling in empty spaces with trailing plants can add a much-needed splash to any spots that seem dull or empty. Just make sure to choose hardy indoor plants. They can do well in low light and sunny spots, requiring minimal care to keep alive.

Dramatic Wall Colours Pop

If you really want to get creative when styling your home library, paint the walls an energizing colour. Light yellows, warm greens, and pale blues will make your room pop. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to get a good idea of what décor pieces you’ll need to really tie everything in, like a contrasting rug or black vs. white furniture scheme.

Create A Theme

Give your library a theme that speaks to you and your hobbies. For instance, if you’re an avid bird watcher, consider adding a wall section of books dedicated to your hobby. You can also add in artwork of birds and fun bird-related décor to bring it all together. If you don’t have any hobbies that you want to feature, here are a few popular themes for inspiration –animal, Victorian, seaside, and country.

Fun Furniture Pieces

The furniture you choose will make all the difference. If you want the library to be the spot where you can spend hours getting lost in books, consider adding a comfortable couch with big pillows and blankets. If you want it to double as a Zen room, don’t forget to add a lounge chair and adjustable lighting. For those high ceilings, a leaning ladder can add some flair. If you have lots of space, a long wooden table that can double as a desk and reading space for more than one can bring that real library feel to life.

Hidden Storage

If you’ve always wanted a movie-inspired bookshelf that doubles as a secret doorway, you can build one in. It’s easier than you think to create it. All you need is a swivelling bookcase and some space behind it. Hidden storage space is the perfect area to store a safe or valuable jewelry or art pieces.

Hidden Room

When the library backs onto another room, such as a guest bedroom or games room, adding a hidden door behind a bookshelf can create a really cool effect. Imagine how surprised your guests will be when your bookshelf opens up into a secret room they never knew was there.

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