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Exceeding Expectations

At Valecraft, we’re all about creating extraordinary experiences that serve as the foundation for many years of happiness. We strive to deliver outstanding value and a rewarding, worry-free home purchasing experience, but it’s more than just that. 

In addition, we work with homeowners to customize and finalize their new properties, right down to the finish on the cabinetry and what type of moulding to install.

Since 1982, Valecraft Homes has welcomed thousands of families into their new properties to call their own.

Our Homes

Single Family Homes

Premium living at a premium value.

Available in different designs to suit the needs of your family with ease, they range in size from 1,900 square feet up to 3,205 square feet. Our designs incorporate a range of diverse, open-concept floorplans that are meticulously planned not only for spaciousness but also for comfort and a true feeling of being at home.

Combined with our passion for the details and premium quality, our Ottawa and surrounding area home builders are dedicated to helping you begin a new chapter in style. Finding perfect single homes for sale in Ottawa has never been easier.


Perfect for new families and/or downsizers looking for roomier floorplans.

 Whether you’re looking for something inviting, comfortable, airy, elegant or all the above, Valecraft has you covered with these premium homes. Our bungalows in Ottawa represent our most exquisite craftsmanship and precise attention to detail – exactly what we pride ourselves on and what we’re known for.

Town Homes

Spacious, inviting, and reflective of your personality.

We work with you to build or select a townhome that meets your needs, lifestyle, budget and future plans in life.

We then continue the process by introducing you to our Design Centre team, who can help personalize the colours and finishing materials of your new home to make it unique and reflective of your personality and tastes. Combined with our exceptional service quality and a love for doing what we do, we’re confident you’ll notice the Valecraft difference when it comes to premium living.