10 Reasons Why Ottawa Residents Love Where They Live

Ottawa residents are proud of their city – and they have every reason to be. This city is beautiful, thriving and full of opportunity. Learn more about why people move here and never leave, as we explore 10 reasons why Ottawa residents love where they live.

Beautiful Neighbourhoods

Ottawa is home to several family-centric neighbourhoods, many of which are treelined with big beautiful homes and a healthy mix of amenities and density. Each neighbourhood offers residents something unique. Whether looking at Stittsville, Kanata, Ottawa South or Embrun, individuals and families from all walks of life will feel at home.

Housing Prices

Compared to Toronto and Vancouver, Ottawa still has affordable housing prices. You can find affordable, newly built homes and condos, and even large Victorian homes for a fraction of the cost you would pay in the GTA. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, a young family moving to a bigger home, or a retiree who is downsizing – there’s a range of options for you to choose from. 

The Canal

The beautiful Rideau Canal winds throughout the city, providing residents with stunning views and recreational activities year-round. The canal is the perfect spot for biking, walking and boating in the summer. Throughout the winter, the canal turns into the world’s largest skating rink, attracting people from all around to come and enjoy this rare opportunity with the whole family.

Lots of Green Space

Ottawans are outdoorsy people. They love spending a day surrounded by nature, no matter if it’s hot, humid, or cold out.  In the summer, residents flock to the many picturesque parks throughout the city to hike, bike, and play. Come winter, you’ll find herds of people snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and biking in bone-chilling temperatures. 


Ottawa has a number of local beaches that offer residents an escape from the real world. Each one has its own unique flair and amenities, like an onsite restaurant where you can sit back, relax, and sip on a cool drink while you enjoy the warm summer sun.

Raving Foodie Scene

The culinary scene here is another reason why Ottawa residents love where they live. It’s vast and diverse. And if you love shawarma, Ottawa is the place to be. There are few places in the country that offer as many shawarma options as this city does. There’s literally one in every neighbourhood, and it’s some of the best shawarma you’ll find around. Ottawa is also famous for Beavertails – deep-fried dough smothered in cinnamon and sugar. Some other homegrown chains that locals flock to include Gabriel’s Pizza and Kettlemans Bagels.

Professional Sports

You don’t have to leave town to see the best in hockey and football. Ottawa is home to its very own NHL team – the Ottawa Senators – and CFL team – the Ottawa Red Blacks. The Ottawa 67’s, are also incredibly popular here and put on a great show.

Excellent Job Opportunities

The city is well known for its government job sector, but Ottawa also has a massive range of other opportunities in all fields. Plus, right here at home, you’ll find Kanata North, a business park commonly referred to as “Canada’s Silicone Valley”. Big names like Shopify, Adobe, CBC, Tomlinson, Siemens, and Farm Boy have set up shop here, providing a range of job opportunities to all the residents here. 

It’s Safe

It’s not easy to find a city of this size that is as safe as Ottawa. People here don’t feel on edge like they do in Toronto, Hamilton or Montreal. You can walk through the downtown area at night safely, or feel secure when your kids bike to school, and not have to worry when taking public transit. Ottawa is more of a tight knit family community than it is a big city.

The Language Flexibility

Ottawa is home to both French and English-speaking Canadians. Many businesses, restaurants and services hire employees who are bilingual. So you can feel comfortable speaking your preferred language, no matter where you go. 

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