5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ottawa Builder

You may have heard the horror stories from some homeowners who had issues with their homebuilders. Improper installation, half-finished work, substantial differences between what was sold and received, numerous defects not covered by warranty, etc. To ensure that never happens to you, it’s necessary to do your due diligence on the builder before buying one of their homes. Fortunately, there are still builders out there doing impeccable work and staying true to the plans and timelines. Many are committed to building communities that are sustainable, affordable, and support a healthy lifestyle for their residents.  To ensure you buy a home from a reputable builder, consider these factors below before choosing an Ottawa Builder for your home.

The Type of Homes They Offer

Do you want to live in a cookie-cutter home or one that is custom to your lifestyle? If you prefer the latter, then you’ll want to look for a builder who offers a number of housing options and models for you to choose from, not just one design with a few upgrade options. You also don’t want to be boxed in when it comes to designing your home. The more flexibility that you have in customizing the home, the better. So be sure to check out their design centre to see if they have a good range of features and finishes that you can choose from to personalize your home. A premium builder will also have a design team on hand that can help you decide on materials, tones and finishes if you’re not entirely sure what you want or what will work well together. 

Their Community Designs

Developers aren’t just in the business of building homes, they also design entire communities. And let’s face it, where you live is just as important as the home you live in. So don’t forget to do some research on the communities that the builders are developing to ensure they match your lifestyle and needs. 

The Benefits They Offer

Benefits can go a long way. Not only is it an added bonus that gives you something in return for buying a home with a particular builder, but it’s also a way to determine whether or not the builder actually cares about their customers. Benefits like big-ticket upgrades that are provided for free as part of a purchase offer, or complimentary subscriptions to services you would otherwise have to pay out of pocket for, and referral programs that will offer you an incentive when a friend or family member registers for a home, can signal that you’re working with a builder who cares more about your experience than simply making a sale.

The Overall Purchasing Experience

The purchasing experience is an integral part of the process. Finding a builder who is committed to providing a positive and enjoyable experience for you is just as important as finding the right home for your lifestyle. A reputable builder will have a number of processes and policies in place to ensure that the process goes smoothly from beginning to end. They will also be proud to showcase their buying process on their website or be willing to show you reviews from past customers about their experiences. If a builder is not forthcoming about their purchasing experience, you should consider it a red flag and that their track record might be questionable.  To find a builder who cares about the overall experience, look for these 5 things:

  • The builder will outline all the steps you will take to purchase the property
  • The builder uses an Agreement of Purchase and Sale that is clear, concise and represents exactly what you agreed upon. They will ensure that everyone is on the same page before you sign the APS and they accept the initial deposit. 
  • They arrange a pre-delivery inspection that walks you through the interior and exterior to address any of your questions and concerns. If issues arise, they have a process in place to address them prior to closing
  • They offer an inspection period after you move in. Any issues you find, they have a policy in place to make it right. 
  • They offer a customer satisfaction survey to ensure that you are happy with your purchasing experience and to obtain feedback on what they can improve on in the future. 

Their Commitment to the Environment

Builders who care about their work and the experience you receive also tend to care about the environment and the overall wellbeing of their communities. To find a builder who designs homes that are both environmentally and budget-friendly, look into whether or not they offer homes that are built to ENERGY STAR® standards. Look carefully at their designs for energy efficiency upgrades such as ENERGY STAR® appliances and windows, high-efficiency gas furnaces and water tanks, heat recovery ventilation systems, LED lighting, and airtight electrical boxes and light outlets, to name a few. Not only will these items help curb your carbon emissions, but they will also save you thousands of dollars in utility costs a year.  

If you want to work with a builder who hits all the points above, look no further than Valecraft Homes. Contact us today to learn more!

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