7 Home Renovations to Tackle Before Fall

Can’t decide when to start your next renovation project? The time of year that you choose to renovate your home can make all the difference in how that process goes. Summer offers ideal conditions for most renovations, especially for any exterior projects. The longer, brighter days and warmer temperatures create the ideal conditions to restore and improve your home. But what renovation projects are best to start this time of year? Here are seven home renovations to tackle before fall that will provide great ROI and enhance your curb appeal.  

Window Installations

If you’re looking for a renovation project that will instantly improve your value, you might want to start with the windows. Having new windows installed is easier in milder conditions, such as late August and September. The caulk adheres better in warmer temperatures, and you don’t have to worry about freezing your toes off while the windows are being swapped out.  

Patio Additions

There’s no better time than the summer to expand your current patio design to create a more usable outdoor living space. The weather is just right for adding extra room for lounging and entertaining. Starting the project a few weeks before the long weekend ensures you can still get all your summer patio time in before you would typically shut it down for the winter. 

Front Entry Refresh

Renovating the entranceway of your home can significantly boost your curb appeal for a moderate investment. When’s the best time to give the front of your home a facelift? Redoing this area is much easier to tackle in the warmer months prior to fall, especially if you’re planning to replace the front door. Fixing any loose stones and steps on the walkway or porch before the snow falls is also a good idea to prevent any injuries once it starts freezing over.

New Exterior Siding

Is your current siding discoloured, weathered and worn? First impressions are important, and having deteriorating siding can really put a damper on your curb appeal. Putting up new siding can give your home an instant refresh and boost in value. The optimal temperature to install vinyl siding is around 15 degrees Celsius. If you try to replace it when the temperature drops well below that, the materials become rigid, making it more difficult to work with. Late summer is also preferred over early summer as intense heat can cause it to expand and buckle. If you have already found holes or cracks forming in your siding, these will only get worse if you decide to leave them until after the winter. So be sure to tackle a siding replacement before the fall to avoid any issues during the installation.

Roof Replacement

Another renovation to tackle before fall is a roof replacement. With less rain and warmer weather in the late summer, a roofing project typically will run much smoother during this time of year. The roofing contractors also prefer it because the blistering heat has usually subsided, and the milder temperature allows them to work more comfortably and safely. The materials also perform better in August and September, which can help to ensure that the installation of the roof is done right. 

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations are messy and time-consuming. If you start in the fall, the renovation could take until the New Year to complete. And with colder fall temperatures, you’ll either have to endure the sawdust and fumes while the work is being completed or give in and open the windows, creating an uncomfortable environment for your family. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your kitchen renovation ready for the holidays so you can entertain your guests? The warmer weather also means you can BBQ outside while your kitchen is getting redone. The kids can stay outside as well while the contractors do their work, safely away from the tools, equipment and chemicals. 

Adding a Deck

The weather in the summer is easier to predict than in the fall. That’s why August and September are the best months to add a new deck or improve your current one. You won’t have to worry about an unexpected rain or snowfall that could postpone your project. Or worse – cause your posts to sink into the ground or damage the wood fibres before you’ve had a chance to seal it. With ample sun and longer days, your deck will be installed faster, saving you money on labour and installation fees.  

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