How to Have the Ultimate Family Staycation

With COVID-19 putting travel plans on pause for at least a while, there are still many ways to have the ultimate family staycation at home. To help you make the most out of the summer season, here are some fun ways to enjoy your time with loved ones and create some lasting memories without setting foot in the airport.

Backyard Water Park

With the summer heat at an all-time high, there’s no better time to transform your backyard into a makeshift splash pad. With a few staples, you can make it the perfect spot to cool off and have some fun. Consider setting up a slide n’ slide, or fill up some water balloons, grab a few super soakers or you can even switch on the sprinkler for a splash-tastic day of fun with the kids. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Mini Olympics

To get your kids off the couch and active, set up a mini Olympics with some fun games. Whether you have a badminton set, volleyball, hula hoops, a game of twister, a soccer tournament, bocce ball – use whatever fun games you have on hand. Offering a special prize at the end can create some fun and friendly competition too!

Go Camping

Just because you can’t jet set abroad doesn’t mean you can’t escape the city and enjoy the outdoors. Here in Canada, we’re lucky to have such a vast amount of green space to explore and enjoy. Some great places to visit near Ottawa include Algonquin Park, Bon Echo Provincial Park, Murphy’s Point, or Lac du Poisson Blanc. Each place offers stunning scenery, nature trails and plenty of camping options to suit your needs.

Outdoor Movie Nights

What’s better than enjoying a good flick under the stars? With an inflatable projector screen and a few comfy chairs and cozy blankets, you can set up your own makeshift theatre right in your backyard. Fire up the popcorn, grab some extra pillows and curl up with your loved ones for personalized movie nights in the comfort of your own home.

Create the Ultimate Relaxation Zone

The ultimate family staycation also means enjoying some well-deserved R&R time. And with so much extra time spent at home these days, it’s an ideal time to create a relaxation zone in your backyard. Some ideas to consider are adding a hammock, outdoor fireplace, a trickling water fountain, cozy lighting and of course, some extra comfy lounge chairs. Pair these with your favourite book and beverage and you won’t miss those long-haul flights abroad.

Nature Trails and a Picnic

Another fun way to make the most of the summer season in Ottawa is to explore some of the nature trails around you. There are many different trails to discover close to your Valecraft home. Whether you go out on your bike or head out on foot, bring along a packed picnic so you can take a break, refuel and soak up the nature around you.

Host a Potluck

With some restrictions finally lifting, hosting a potluck is a great way to see the loved ones that you’ve been missing, while cutting down on the work involved for you. Ask everyone to bring along a dish so you can have time to enjoy the conversation and company without being stuck in the kitchen or behind the grill. 

Stay At a Local Hotel

More businesses are starting to reopen, and that includes hotels! With businesses taking a big financial hit during the pandemic, they need our support more than ever. So why not book a night or two at a local hotel to enjoy a change of scenery? You can snag some really good discounts right now, so it won’t hamper your budget. Plus, you’ll be helping your local community get back on their feet by giving them some much-needed business.

Visit the Museums

Museums are also starting to reopen, and here in Ottawa, we have some of the best ones in the country to explore! From the Canadian Museum of Nature to the War Museum, Science and Technology Museum, Aviation and Space Museum – there’s so much to choose from. When the temperature starts to really heat up, it’s the best time to head indoors and cool off while learning about Canada’s history and latest innovations.

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