Our Favourite Toboggan Hills in Ottawa

Looking for a fun and safe way to get some exercise and fresh air this winter? Ottawa has a ton of fun hills that are perfect for tobogganing. Here are our favourite toboggan hills in Ottawa to try out this year.

Green’s Creek

Located off of Bearbrook Road, Green’s Creek is ideal if you’re looking for a good size hill where you can get some speed, while also staying safe. Since it has lights around it, you don’t have to rush here before the sunsets. There’s also a high embankment so you won’t have to worry about zipping down and landing in the river! 

Walter Baker Park

This man-made hill is the go-to place for many of our Valecraft Kanata residents. It’s the hill you want to be on if you’re looking to sled down the longest hill in Ottawa. It also has a number of steep areas right towards the beginning of the hill, giving you just enough speed to stretch out that run as long as possible.

Mooney’s Bay

Mooney’s Bay boasts one of the tallest hills in Ottawa. Aside from giving you an epic thrill when flying down it, you’ll also get an amazing view at the top. What’s great about Mooney Bay’s is the selection of runs that it offers.

Carlington Park

Want a heart-pumping hill where you can catch some serious speed? Then head to Carlington Park in Ottawa’s west-end! This hill used to be a ski hill and is renowned for having the fastest, steepest hills in the city. Keep in mind if you go here, the hike up the hill is a bit more challenging, but the reward is well worth it if you want a fast, exhilarating ride down.

 Craig Henry Park

This park is ideally suited for those who have younger kids in tow. It’s a decent size hill that’s open and easy to climb, even for the little ones. Just keep in mind that this hill isn’t lit up at night, so it’s best to get here before sunset.

Utman Park 

For those that live in Barrhaven or Ottawa South and want to stay close to home, Utman Park is a great choice for the family. It’s about a 15-minute drive from our new Valecraft Homes community at Deerfield Village 2

Ski Hill Park 

If you’re looking for the best toboggan hill in Ottawa, this one may be it! It’s not only massive, but it’s a long way down and perfect for those who don’t like big drops. It’s not as popular as some of the ones previously mentioned, but that just makes it a hidden gem. About 15 minutes away is Downtown Ottawa, so you can have a full day of fun!

Bruce Pit

When you think of Bruce Pit, you may only think of a place where you can let your dog run around. It’s so much more than that! In the winter, the Bruce Pit toboggan hill is a major hit. If you’re looking to slide down the hill at night, you’re out of luck. The hill is only lit through daylight. However, getting there early is your best bet to beat the crowds and have the hill to yourself! 

Conroy Pit 

Looking for a spot close to your new home in Barrhaven? Look no further. Our Ottawa home builders conveniently built Deerfield Village 2 a quick two-minute drive from Conroy Pit, where you can get some fresh air and stay active with the family. If you’re wanting to get some evening runs in, Conroy Pit turns on their lights from 4 pm to 11 pm. 

Dragonfly Park 

Taking your little ones on big, steep hills can be intimidating for them. If you’re worried about that, Dragonfly Park will help ease your anxiety. This hill is definitely a beginner’s ride, and is perfect for those wanting to try out tobogganing for the first time. The hills are lit up by street lights so you can take your family any time of day! 

When you’re searching for some outdoor entertainment this winter, make sure you check out some of our favourite tobogganing hills in and around Ottawa. If you’re looking to move to a family-friendly neighbourhood where the kids can safely play outside, check out our new homes in Ottawa. At Valecraft Homes, we have many up and coming opportunities in Kanata North, Embrun, and Ottawa South. Contact us today to learn more!

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