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Valecraft Smarter Homes

Control the comfort and security on one app

Valecraft homes are smarter than ever. Now offering a way to control the comfort and performance of your home at your fingertips. Through a single app, you can adjust your home’s temperature, monitor your HVAC’s performance, and feel at ease to know you will be alerted in the case of a water leak. Making homeownership simpler.

While away or simply in a bed, you’ll never have to worry if you’ve locked your front door or closed all the lights, you can do that from your phone! Add extra security with cameras and a smart video doorbell that lets you see and speak with the person at your front door. Watch the video below for few Valecraft Smarter Homes possibilities.

Enjoy 3 years of complimentary Smarter Home technology

Valecraft Homes is now offering all our new homeowners a 3-year subscription to Enercare Smarter HomeTM Essentials Package, free of charge. You get to keep the components included in the package, and only start paying a small monthly fee after 3 years.*

The Essentials Package Includes:

  • Smart Home Hub: This is the core of the Enercare Smarter HomeTM Network that collects and analyzes data and sends it to your app.
  • Smart Thermostat: Control the heating and cooling of your home from the couch or out and about. You can set your home’s temperature remotely on your desktop or mobile app.
  • Smart HVAC Performance Monitoring: Using the data of your HVAC equipment, it will alert you of a performance issue. For instance, a decline in the efficiency of your equipment may conclude to a required maintenance. Prevention at its best.
  • Water Leak Sensor: Receive an alert when a water leak is detected. Leak sensors can be placed under the sink, near your water heater and around the dishwasher or washing machine. Be proactive at the start before it has a chance to do significant damage.
  • Upgrades available: There are many more products that you can add to your Smarter Home for an extra fee. You will have a chance to discuss these with you Enercare representative. View all options.

How it works

  • Once you have received your new Valecraft home, an Enercare representative will contact you to book an appointment, and review all Smarter Home options.
  • Your friendly Enercare technician will install the Essentials Package, customize your mobile app, and answer any questions you may have.
  • After installation, the Enercare team is there for any questions or concerns about the Enercare Smarter HomeTM They have a 24/7 emergency call centre, and offer same day services.

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Smarter Homes FAQs

Am I eligible for the Smarter HomeTM Essentials Package?

You are eligible for the Enercare Smarter HomeTM Essentials Package if you have closed (received the key) of your a new Valecraft home since January 2019.

Contact your Valecraft sales representative for more information.

Can I add other automation features to my Valecraft home?

Absolutely!  There are many additional features and automation that you can add to your home.  Ask your Enercare representative to explain the wide variety of options, including door locks, video doorbell, lighting options, water shut off valve, and much more. All controlled from your phone, anywhere around the world.

What are the benefits?

The Enercare Smarter HomeTM service adds comfort and performance to your home.

Comfort: Customize the temperature of your home, and have access to modify from anywhere around the world.  Enjoy the convenience of closing the lights and locking the door, while in bed. Never miss the deliveryman with the Smart Video Doorbell, where you can view and chat with them while at work.

Performance: Avoid having your air conditioner break down in the middle of a heatwave, or heating during winter.  The Enercare Smarter HomeTM monitors your HVAC performance, alerting you of needed service for optimum performance.

Save money: Depending on how you adjust the temperature of your home, you can save on heating costs. With the water leak sensor, you could save on expensive renovation costs due to water leaks. We also suggest you speak with your home insurance since you could also save on your insurance fees.

Peace of mind: While on vacation, feel as ease that you would be alerted of an HVAC performance issue or water leak, and make the necessary actions.  You can shut off the water valve, call for maintenance and unlock the door for the service provider, all from your mobile app.

Am I obligated to have Smarter Home products and service?

No, you are not obliged to have the Enercare Smarter HomeTM products and service.  You can simply tell the Enercare representative that you do not want it.

We strongly suggest that you do, since this will add comfort and performance to your home.  The Smarter Home Essentials Package is 100% free of charge for 3 years.*  After 3 years you keep the installed equipment whether you continue or cancel the mobile app.  The thermostat can be adjusted without the app.  The cost to continue using the Enercare Smarter HomeTM Essentials Package mobile app is $7.99/month*

How will the Smarter Home Essentials Package be set up in my home?

Once you have received the key to your new Valecraft home, an Enercare representative will contact you to arrange an appointment at your home.

* E & OE July 2019 subject to change without notice. After 3 years, the cost to continue using the Enercare Smarter HomeTM Essentials Package mobile app is $7.99/month.