9 Tips for Decluttering this Spring

Are you feeling the spring cleaning fever but don’t know how or where to start? Don’t fret! We have you covered with these handy tips for decluttering this spring to get your home sparkling in no time.

Start with a Detailed List

If you plan to do some serious spring cleaning, then you need to start with a list. Doing a big dejunk of your stuff won’t be a task that will be completed overnight or even in the span of a week. It can take multiple weeks, especially when you’re juggling it in between your work and family life. By creating a list first, you’ll have a map or plan on where to start and how to stay organized. You can begin by making a master list of everything you want to achieve. From there, break it down into smaller bite sizes to create weekly and daily schedules that are realistic for you and manageable. You can stick them up on your fridge or somewhere in view so you can refer back to them and check off things as you go. This will help you remain focused and motivated, and give you more momentum to move on to the next task.

Focus On the Most Neglected Areas First

We recommend starting with the areas that have been neglected the most, such as the basement or garage. These usually require more time and energy, and they can be overwhelming to tackle the longer you leave them. By getting the harder areas done first, it’ll make the process smoother and easier for you.

Focus On One Room at a Time

To stay on track, it’s best to focus on decluttering one area or room at a time. So rather than do a general sweep of the entire second floor, zero in on a single spot. This way, you can start with the deeper levels that need to be decluttered and cleaned, and then work your way up to the surface layers. This is the best way to truly give your home a thorough spring cleaning.

Keep Separate Bags for Donation and Garbage

The worst way to declutter is to move items out of one place or drawer and shuffle them around to another. To avoid this, spend time organizing your plan of attack. One way to help is by keeping separate bags or containers available so you can place items directly in them. Keep one for donation and one for garbage. 

Invest in Better Storage Containers

If you’re limited on storage space, invest in some smart storage containers such as bins that fit under the bed, clothing organizers, door hanging organizers for shoes, or even pieces of furniture that double as storage, like ottomans and benches. 

Ask for Help

If you have a family, get the kids involved. Divvy out tasks based on age and show them what to do. Getting the family involved is also a great way to teach them life skills, responsibility and self reliance. Cleaning their room, helping with laundry or cleaning up the yard are all great examples of chores that they can easily help out with. If you live on your own and feel overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling your entire home alone, reach out to another family remember to ask for help. Just be prepared to reciprocate the offer.

Take Breaks

Sometimes, spring cleaning can feel like a monumental task that is impossible to complete. To avoid the overwhelming burn out, be sure to take lots of break. Don’t work yourself into a state of exhaustion. If you’re feeling that way, break up your daily tasks into smaller steps that are more manageable. The point is to move forward as much as you can. If you’re adding too much to your plate, it’ll be harder to muster up the motivation and energy to keep going. 

Leave the Exterior Until Last

The spring weather can be unpredictable, which is why it’s a good idea to focus on all of the indoor dejunking and spring cleaning first. This will give you time to address all of the tasks inside while the weather is still rainy, cool and transitioning to summer. Then as the weather warms up, you’ll be able to get out and enjoy it while being productive at the same time. It’ll make any outdoor tasks more enjoyable, plus you’ll be getting some fresh air and exercise too. 

Give Yourself a Reward

When your spring cleaning is finally done and dusted, treat yourself to a reward. This could be anything you enjoy – your favourite beverage, an at-home spa day pampering yourself, a weekend of relaxing and unwinding. Having an incentive will make it much easier to motivate yourself and your family to roll up your sleeves next time.  

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