What Makes Valecraft Communities Family-Friendly?

With soaring prices all across Ontario, many buyers are looking for more affordable options that are both family-friendly and accessible. If you’re looking to purchase in the Capital region, there are numerous Valecraft communities offering sustainable and modern home designs with families in mind. Find out what makes Valecraft communities family-friendly and why you should consider moving to one of our beautiful neighbourhoods.

Attractive Prices

We understand how difficult it is to raise a family and save for a down payment at the same time. That’s why our communities have numerous options suitable for young families who are just starting out. Those ready to move up will also find forever home options that just can’t be beaten. Best of all, you don’t need to sacrifice quality for price. We have designed our homes to be both affordable and luxurious. Featuring modern furnishings and plenty of floor plan options to choose from, these homes are built with high-quality materials inside and out.

Exceptional Variety 

If you’re hoping to find a neighbourhood where you can settle down for the long term, we have the perfect home and community for you. Valecraft Homes offers a wide variety of housing types including trendy condo designs, contemporary towns, spacious bungalows, and large detached properties for bigger families. With all the options available, you’ll never have to leave your Valecraft community if you outgrow your home or wish to move into something a little smaller when you retire. We have everything you need right here to stay in place.


If you’re on the hunt for a beautiful community that has all the amenities you need close by, look no further. Valecraft communities are sustainably designed so that everything is located within close proximity. You’ll never have to leave the area for grocery shopping, dining out, or getting in your daily exercise routine. Public transit, good schools and a variety of health services are also only minutes away from your front door. 

Close to Downtown

If you do need to zip into the city, downtown Ottawa is only a stone’s throw from many of our neighbourhoods. There’s no shortage of shops, parks, beaches and family-friendly activities to do in the region. The short drive to the core also means that there are plenty of job opportunities within reach if you’re looking for a new career. 

Safe and Healthy Neighbourhoods

When it comes to finding that perfect community, the most common checklist item for parents is safety. Having comfort and peace of mind knowing that your kids are safe when they’re out biking with friends or walking to school is all too important these days. After all, you want your kids to grow up just like you did, without having to worry. That’s why we’ve designed our communities to be tailored to families with sprawling green spaces for the kids to run around in, along with fun playground structures to explore, and plenty of areas when your kids will be safe to roam so you can feel at ease.

Pet-Friendly Neighbourhoods

Let’s face it, we all consider our pets to be part of the family. But not all communities are designed with your pets in mind. Fortunately, our staff at Valecraft Homes consider furry companions as part of the family too, which is why we’ve incorporated pet-friendly spaces into our community development plans. With lots of green space and grassy fields for your pets to run around in, there’s something here for everyone, even your pooch.

Turnkey Homes 

Our turnkey homes are move-in ready. When you buy one of our new builds, you’re essentially purchasing a home that you can move into without having to spend a dollar on renovations or upgrades. The Valecraft Homes designs have everything that you desire in a brand new build – all the latest fixtures, open and modern floor plans, and a number of standout features too. It’s ideal for young families who love the idea of buying a home where they can literally turn the key and have the property fit their needs from day one. 

Vibrant and Close-Knit Communities

What really makes Valecraft Homes family-friendly is our vibrant, close-knit communities. Our spaces attract like-minded families who want to live in an area where they can socialize with other parents who have kids the same age. If you’re looking for a neighbourhood and community, you’ll feel right at home here.

A wonderful place to call home is just around the corner. Visit us online at Valecraft today to learn more about our newest communities located across the Ottawa region. We’ll arrange a tour of our expanding selection of premium homes so that you can explore the options and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and family.

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