Am I eligible for the Smarter HomeTM Essentials Package?

You are eligible for the Enercare Smarter HomeTM Essentials Package if you have closed (received the key) of your a new Valecraft home since January 2019. Contact your Valecraft sales representative for more information.

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Can I add other automation features to my Valecraft home?

Absolutely!  There are many additional features and automation that you can add to your home.  Ask your Enercare representative to explain the wide variety of options, including door locks, video doorbell, lighting options, water shut off valve, and much more. All controlled from your phone, anywhere around the world.

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What are the benefits?

The Enercare Smarter HomeTM service adds comfort and performance to your home. Comfort: Customize the temperature of your home, and have access to modify from anywhere around the world.  Enjoy the convenience of closing the lights and locking the door, while in bed. Never miss the deliveryman with the Smart Video Doorbell, where you can…

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Am I obligated to have Smarter Home products and service?

No, you are not obliged to have the Enercare Smarter HomeTM products and service.  You can simply tell the Enercare representative that you do not want it. We strongly suggest that you do, since this will add comfort and performance to your home.  The Smarter Home Essentials Package is 100% free of charge for 3…

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