Are You Ready to Downsize?

“Home is where the heart is” is an old adage that holds more truth than most. For many families, home is where they raised their children; where their babies developed from first steps into young men and women, right on through until university and moving out to start their own families. Home holds memories that cannot be taken away from you or your loved ones. But what happens when your home starts to empty out and suddenly you have more room than you need?

Can You Get More Out of Your Current Home?

One option for empty nesters is to turn their children’s unused rooms into rooms with different functions. A home gym may be a nice addition to your house, or perhaps an empty room will give you the chance to have the beautiful guest room you could never have before. Maybe it’s even time to expand your master bedroom and give you the master suite you have always dreamed of. But major renovations aren’t for everyone; for some empty nesters, the overabundance of space is enough to make them want a change.

What else comes with your children moving out of their childhood home? Age for one thing; and age brings its own set of challenges that need to be accounted for. Suddenly your grand house with its many floors is not so inviting at the end of the day. Having to climb multiple flights of stairs to get to your bedroom is suddenly no longer so easy, and cleaning such a large space becomes a challenge.

Condos for Your Lifestyle

A very pragmatic solution is to move into a condo. Condos offer the perfect solution to empty nest syndrome. Having only the amount of rooms you need in your current stage of life are two perks to condo living. The list goes on to include no outdoor maintenance! Imagine never having to cut the grass or shovel a driveway.

Ottawa Condos for Sale: Downsize Your Mortgage

Condos also offer the solution to another problem often faced by empty nesters; the need to downsize their mortgage. When you require the extra space, it makes paying for it that much easier to handle. But when you find it’s just you and your spouse alone in the house, the idea of a smaller mortgage and lower monthly bills can become very appealing. This could provide a more manageable financial situation for those who need to lower their monthly costs. The monthly operating costs associated with heating and cooling a condo are far less than those required to maintain a large house. New condos also provide greater energy efficiency than most older homes could ever hope to achieve, resulting in significantly lower hydro bills.

For empty nesters, condos provide an excellent place to call home if you are an avid traveler. Whether you plan to spend the winter in Florida, wish to visit friends and family back East, or finally get to enjoy that European adventure of your dreams, the time is yours. Lower monthly bills and fewer maintenance requirements will allow you to travel more freely and spend your hard-earned money on experiences, not expenses!

New Ottawa Condos: Downsize With Confidence

The resounding theme of a condo is downsizing. Once you are ready to part with your family home you will downsize your indoor and outdoor maintenance; you will downsize your mortgage amount; you will downsize your square footage, and you will downsize your monthly expenses. All of this downsizing may appear to be somewhat of a sacrifice, but once you set foot in your new condo you will discover it is anything but.

Valecraft Homes condos are built for your lifestyle. With marvelous design, superior features, and outstanding value, your new life awaits.

Deerfield Village 2 community in Ottawa South features two-bedroom condo flats with a private entry. These new condominiums feature large private balconies or porch, a private ensuite bathroom off the master bedroom, central air, parking, included appliances, a discount on your chosen media package, and more.

The first step to downsizing your life and upsizing your quality of life is to find the perfect place to call home. At Valecraft Homes, we take pride in designing and building condos, terrace homes, bungalows, and townhomes where you immediately feel at home. Visit our Deerfield Village 2 today or get in touch to learn more. Your new Valecraft home is ready to welcome you!

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