New Homes in Ottawa and Life in the National Capital Region

The National Capital Region is becoming an increasingly popular area to call home, particularly for Torontonians and Québécois seeking city life with more of a small town charm. With so many features and options available to residents of this beautiful area, it’s never been a better time to set out and make a fresh start. Here is a look at why it makes sense to move into a Valecraft home in the Ottawa area.

Employment Opportunities and Commuting

Ottawa is a vibrant location for job seekers, rich with a wide variety of career opportunities. If you’re seeking employment in government, financial, higher education, or corporate fields specifically, then you’ve arrived to the right place. However, many start-ups and tech companies offering unique employment experiences have trickled into the area in recent years, with more marketing, tech jobs, and graphics-based positions becoming available. The area is obviously big on culture as well, being the capital of Canada and the home of iconic landmarks and services. Commuting throughout Ottawa has never been easier thanks to easy access to freeways such as the 417, as well as OC Transpo’s public transit services. The new O-Train LRT transit service will be available, reducing street traffic and streamlining the daily commutes of tens of thousands of employees. By moving into one of Valecraft’s communities in the region, you’re securing access to consistent and increasingly reliable public transportation.

Amenities, Attractions, and Services

Living in the National Capital Region allows for quick access to countless exciting events, amenities, services, shopping locations, and entertainment options, as well as many unique and culturally significant features that draw millions of visitors annually. Combined with the aforementioned OC Transpo services and streamlined road network, you’ll have easy access to the fruits of the area’s collective labour.

The National Gallery of Canada, Major’s Hill Park, and Parliament Hill are popular attractions offering deep and valuable insight into Canadian history and culture, and the ByWard Market is a fantastic hub of handmade crafts, farm-fresh produce, street performers, and delectable delicacies from around the world. Aside from these attractions, there are countless festivals and events every year, including RBC Ottawa Bluesfest for music lovers, and the impressive Ottawa Tulip Festival for those seeking yet another outdoor excursion as they wind along the iconic Rideau Canal.

Shopping and entertainment are aplenty, with several shopping centres including the Bayshore Mall, St. Laurent Centre, Place D’Orléans, and the popular Rideau Centre found all over the area. Theatres, specialty shops, and highly reviewed restaurants await you, as do several hospitals, educational institutes, and governmental services. The area offers every amenity imaginable, complimented by ample green space, vibrant gardens, and shimmering bodies of water.

New and Exciting Developments

Valecraft Homes offers a range of new homes, townhomes, bungalows, and condos in the Ottawa area, and there’s literally something for everyone. We also offer plenty of move-in ready and early occupancy residential properties, allowing you to start fresh sooner. Choose your ideal finished or move-in ready home quickly to avoid missing out on a great opportunity, as Ottawa continues to receive more residents every year from bigger cities seeking a different lifestyle.

For over 36 years, we here at Valecraft have witnessed an increasing variety of styles and designs go on the market, many of which offer residents a one-of-a-kind experience. The area is culturally rich and vibrant but organized in such a way whereas neighbourhoods retain their intended charm despite incorporating subtle modern accents. This harmony allows for some truly amazing atmospheres to live in, and although Ottawa’s condo boom continues to grow, developments such as Deerfield Village 2 have helped to complement and enhance the cityscape without overwhelming it.

Valecraft’s Commitment to Quality

By selecting a Valecraft home, regardless of type, layout, or price, you’re helping to secure a sound future for yourself in an area that is increasingly healthy, accessible, and full of amenities and employment opportunities. We’ve never missed a closing date, and we consider the needs and desires of our customers to be our utmost priority. As a result, we are highly respected by citizens of the National Capital Region. Our quality-focused reach extends from Stittsville, Ottawa to as far as Embrun, Prescott-Russell where you’ll find communities of beautiful condos, townhomes and detached homes are readily available. Our 36 years of experience in the industry have enabled us to develop a stunning portfolio of homes as vibrant and unique as each and every customer we serve, and we invite you to consider one of our many homes in Ottawa and the surrounding area for the site of your new chapter in life.

The National Capital Region and surrounding area is a robust and exciting place to live, but it is also the ideal location for those seeking refined, peaceful lifestyles in a city less about skyscrapers and more about personality and comfort. Wherever you’re from or whatever you intend your path in life to be, rest assured that moving to Ottawa or the surrounding area will be a wonderful experience.


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