How to Host the Ultimate Family Game Night

If you have stacks of games lying around your home, there’s no better time to put them to use than now! Finding ways to unplug, switch off the news for a while, and have some fun is so important to do during stressful and unpredictable times while we all do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. The silver lining in staying at home is that we finally have time to slow down, appreciate life more, and spend quality time with our loved ones. And games night is the perfect way to do that. It’s always a blast, but it’s also a great way for kids to learn some key lessons, like waiting their turn, sharing, strategizing, and how to be a good winner or loser. So if you’re eager to kick off a new weekly family tradition, here are some tips on how to host the ultimate family game night at home.

Make Some Tasty Snacks

No party is complete without some delicious food, and games night is always better when there are some tasty snacks to enjoy. We suggest sticking with simple but tasty treats that can easily be eaten by hand and that won’t make too much of a mess. Some popular snacking ideas could include cookies that you can make beforehand with the kids (another fun activity to get them in on), flavoured popcorn, dips and chips, pizza, a veggie tray, nuts or whatever your family loves to munch on.

Create a Theme

To kick things up a notch and get your family really into games night, you can also create different themes each week. For example, you could choose to do a tropical theme one week, a pirate one the next, and maybe a runway theme the next where everyone has to dress up and strike their best pose. Having a theme adds another element of excitement to the mix, and you can get as creative with it as you want. Create your snacks based on your theme, choose a playlist to put on in the background, add some decorations to your living room. Have fun with it!

Mock Pub Trivia Night at Home

If you’ve been missing those weekly trivia nights down at your local pub, why not rally up your trivia team on Zoom (or team up with your family) and host trivia nights in the comfort of your living room? You can even go a step further and create a mock bar scene atmosphere for trivia at home by finding videos on Youtube that mimic the background noise so it feels and sounds just like you’re in the bar. Then all you need to do is dim the lights to a bar light setting, add a few beverages, some homemade pub grub and it’ll feel just like the real deal!

Play Something Everyone Will Enjoy

If you have kids of different ages, it can be a bit more challenging to get everyone engaged and in on the fun. So try to switch things up by choosing a different set of games that can cater to everyone. Ask to see what everyone wants to play and then divvy up your time so everyone can get a chance to play a game that they enjoy most. It’s always more fun when you’re playing something that you really love (and are good at!)

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Silly

Family game night is all about letting loose and having some fun with your family. So don’t be afraid to get a little silly with the kids and boost up the fun factor. Throw on some music, have a little dance party during your gaming intermission, and do whatever you can to spark some smiles and laughter. 

Create a Prize or Trophy

Sometimes, a little competition can make games night even more entertaining and exciting. And a simple way to add a little touch of it into the mix is by creating a prize, sash, crown or trophy for the winner. This is ideal if your family is older and loves some friendly rivalry. Whether you prefer to team up or compete solo, having to compete for a shiny trophy or even a week of chores can keep things interesting and really get the most out of your games night.

Go Virtual With Extended Family

If you have family members that you’re missing and can’t visit, get them in on the fun by zooming a virtual games night together. There are so many online games that you can choose from today, and apps like Zoom and Houseparty make it easy to host multiple people at once so you can all play and enjoy some quality family time together.

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