Our Valecraft Spring Cleaning Checklist

As soon as the birds start chirping and the snow finally disappears, we know spring is just around the corner. And as the temperature warms up with longer, sunnier days ahead of us, we get that inevitable spring in our step which is perfect to channel into some spring cleaning. With ample time and energy, you can finally clean away all of the winter grime and get your home looking fantastic again. To help you get organized, use our spring cleaning checklist to help guide you during the process.


In the Kitchen

Since the kitchen gets used the most, it usually requires a good amount of time to clean thoroughly, which is why it’s a good place to begin. We suggest starting off by giving all of your smaller appliances a good cleaning, including the microwave and coffeemaker. Then move onto the bigger items like the stove, oven, and fridge. One spot that tends to get missed during the clean is underneath and behind the fridge, so don’t forget to tackle those neglected areas like underneath the stove too. Once you’ve completed these, you can move on to the cupboards, emptying them out one at a time and wiping down the shelves. You’d be surprised how much dust can end up even in areas that are regularly closed off. 

In the Bedrooms

When life gets busy, it doesn’t take long for our closets, drawers, and other nooks in the bedroom to become chaotic and messy. But as the seasons change, it’s an ideal time to sort through your closet and dressers to pack away the winter gear, bring out the spring and summer clothing, and organize all of that mess. While you’re sorting through your clothing, keep a large bag on hand for anything that you can get rid of and donate. Spring is always the best time to dejunk when you can, so make sure to eliminate as much excess clutter as you can. Also, don’t forget to rotate your mattress and gives the kids’ toys a good cleaning.


When it’s time to focus on the bathroom, there are some areas to remember beyond the basics. This includes the bath and shower curtain, around the base of the toilet, and cleaning out the drains too. If you have a medicine cabinet, it’s a good time to look through them and throw away any items that have expired.

Living Room

After the messy winter weather, the floors, carpet or rugs can look pretty grimey, even with regular cleaning. That’s why a deep cleaning is a must at least once per year, especially if you have children or pets. Use a steam cleaner along the carpet and floors to remove any embedded marks and stains. You might need to go over them a few times depending on how bad they are. Also, dust curtains and light fixtures, and don’t forget to clean and vacuum out your air ducts before switching the AC on. Finally, give all the windows throughout the home a thorough cleaning with soap, water and a squeegee.


When it’s time to head outside for spring cleaning, here are some tips to remember:

Dejunk and Reorganize the Garage 

Spring is the best time to sort through the garage, reorganize it and donate or throw out what you no longer use or need. Plus, it can give you more room for things that you actually need to be stored away, like the Christmas decorations so you don’t have to keep them inside.

Power Wash Everything

Winter weather and salt stains not only make the exterior look decrepit, but they can also cause damage. To spruce up and protect your exterior, give everything a good pressure washing. You can rent one yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Focus on areas like the deck, patio stones, siding, driveway, walkway, and the windows. 

Wash Out Bins

While you’re at it, give the garbage, recycling, and compost bins a rinse out before the summer heat arrives. We recommend hosing them out once per month with soap during the summer to avoid odours and bugs. 

Repair Any Damaged Steps or Walkways

If you notice any damaged stairs or loose and cracked stones along your porch or walkways, don’t ignore it. These can appear minor but can easily become tripping hazards. Take the time to repair them or hire someone to repair them for you.

Clean the Gutters

Finally, with all of those spring showers that come our way during this time of year, your gutter system along the roof should be cleaned and clear of any debris. If they’re still clogged up with leaves and dirt, all of that excess water could end up pooling all-around your roof and foundation, which can lead to serious moisture damage. Hire someone to clean them out so they can properly direct water away from your home.

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