Blog 5 Trends at Toronto Interior Design Show

5 Trends We Noticed at the 2018 Toronto Interior Design Show

It’s the season of spring cleaning (well, once the bitter cold and snow subsides, anyway). With that in mind, perhaps you’ve been pondering how to make your home look even more beautiful and modern. Or, maybe you’ve been wondering what the latest home design trends are? Regardless, we’re pretty sure you’ll be interested to learn…

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Blog Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival

We Made a Really Cool Impression at the Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival!

Every year, teams of passionate organizations and businesses take to the ice in magnificent skate-mounted dragon boats for a day of friendly competition, excitement, and local pride (it’s also a good bit of fun, too). Yes, the Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival has become known as one of the most unique and cool outdoor events…

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Blog Escape Winter with Condo Living

Escape the Winter Blues with Condo Living!

Are you tired of the frustrations of winter, particularly when it’s been so frigid and snowy? Living in the National Capital Region is an incredibly worthwhile and wonderful experience, but it can still present some hurdles to overcome. If you’re looking to make winter chores and getting from place to place less of a burden,…

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